Here at Health Nut, we pride ourselves in making everything in house, and that includes our famous dressings.  We have a wide variety to choose from, and we are confident that one of these will suit your palate for any occasion.


Original House

This is our signature dressing!  It serves as a wonderful compliment to almost everything on our menu.  It combines a rich yet subtle Italian taste with a unique flavor that can’t be found anywhere else!



Created initially for our Chinese Chicken Salad, our customers have enjoyed this dressing on many of our items today.  It offers a wonderful flavor and texture that you will want to enjoy for yourself!


Spicy Asian

Quickly becoming one of our most popular dressings, our Spicy Asian combines flavors from Korean cuisine with our own blend of spices, creating a perfect blend of sweet, spicy and delicious!



Made with low calorie buttermilk, our customers enjoy this tasty alternative to those desiring a classic ranch flavor.


Low Cal

This dressing offers our customers a virtually calorie free alternative that includes a splash of apple cider vinegar along with other various spices.  Experience all the flavor with none of the guilt!